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Bargaining Bulletin: Creating Chaos & Turmoil as an Anti-Union Tactic

December 1, 2021

Creating Chaos & Turmoil is a Tactic of Anti-Unionism and the Board of Regents Has Gone All-In

If negotiating a contract were not required by Connecticut statutes, it is unlikely the BOR would be going through the motions, but it is, and so they are. The Board of Regents, CSCU President Cheng, System Office, Human Resources and Labor Relations are deploying classic anti-union tactics and ensuring anti-union sentiments are alive and well in every aspect of our work and professional lives.

Human Resources, Labor Relations, and the Board are playing a game when it comes to working with the unions. We see this through Telework, Professional Development, Promotion, iTeach, and Contract Negotiations, namely refusing to collaborate and then blaming the unions when progress stalls. We have been ready, willing, and able to make meaningful progress. In earnestly participating, we call their bluff and then realize they are just showing up - unable or unwilling to engage in meaningful discussions, let alone make progress - all the while they are blaming us.

Board of Regents Chair Matt Fluery blamed “administrators at the colleges” for the egregious proposals. President Cheng feigned ignorance and “a failure to communicate” for the glacial pace of progress. Vice President of Human Resources, Andy Kripp insisted he’s “not interested” ineven discussing proposals let alone finding compromise. And, Director of Labor Relations, Dean DelloIacono, professes confusion and requests clarifications for even the most basic proposals wasting time and delaying progress: Obfuscation in its most classic form. Each a strategic element and an attack on unionization.

They are working together to create chaos, instill fear, and demoralize our members. We see this when they mandate schedule changes, restructure supervision, and revise job descriptions and responsibilities. We experience this through their ongoing threats related to eliminating positions and insisting our members re-apply for positions. We feel their hostility as they mandate meetings and increase surveillance on our activities. They have even attempted to limit our first amendment rights to free speech and assembly.

Decisions, policies, and protocols no longer track to an individual where appeals can be made, or edits suggested. Rather they are purposely obscured, and the Board and its various entities are scheming to sow dissension, discord, and disappointment.

As negotiations have stalled formally and informally, each body disseminated their own perspective – often contradictory and always without apology: classic anti-union strategies that consultants advocate. It is distressing and disturbing to realize “union avoidance” strategies are being deployed consistently and persistently by these entities. One can trace the origin of these strategies to Jackson Lewis, where Regent David Jimenez is a principal attorney.

They are working to divide us. They seek to undermine our faith in the vital protections that come with belonging to a union.

Show your support for your union as we rally at the Governor’s Mansion, Saturday, December 4 at noon.