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March 19th: SEIU Solidarity with Ukraine Event

March 17, 2022

Our union family includes thousands of working people who have deep ties to Ukraine and painful memories of still-recent conflict and hardship. SEIU members across the country are committed to supporting our Eastern European union siblings, their families, and their communities during this wrenching time.

On March 19, 2022, from 1 pm - 2:30 pm ET, we will host a virtual gathering to hear from SEIU members affected by the invasion of Ukraine. SEIU member leaders from your local are invited to join and can RSVP for the gathering here.

Working people—particularly in Ukraine, but also other affected countries— will suffer much of the direct harm of this unjustified, violent power grab. And as millions of native-born and immigrant Ukrainians rush to neighboring countries for sanctuary, many face danger and further injustice along the way. The United Nations projects that up to 5 million people displaced from Ukraine will need shelter, food, transportation, and more. African immigrants and students attempting to leave Ukraine are encountering discrimination and even violence at transport sites and borders.

SEIU members are standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We hope you will join us for this event.