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4Cs Tentative Agreement Overwhelmingly Approved

March 24, 2022

1307 yes votes | 19 no votes

The 4Cs Tentative Agreement was overwhelmingly ratified by the members, with only 19 no votes and the highest member turnout since we have been voting online!

“System managers have cut staff that work directly with students and hired more high-level managers to carry out the consolidation and downsizing of the twelve community colleges. Our members voted overwhelmingly to support their co-workers that were being threatened and to protect these crucial direct student-facing jobs that our students rely on," said President Freeman. "Our Tentative Agreement helps to ensure that our students have the resources they deserve while protecting Connecticut’s community colleges.”

Voting Results

Do you ratify or reject the 4Cs Tentative Agreement?

Ratify (Yes to the Tentative Agreement): 1307 (98.57%)

Reject (No to the Tentative Agreement): 19 (1.43%)