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Financial Aid Members Complete Impact Bargaining for Reorganization

August 1, 2022

Financial Aid members across our state met as a group for over seven months to work together and support each other in transitioning into new positions as part of the move towards CT State. Our unions, 4Cs and AFSCME, recently successfully completed placements for all impacted full-time members.

"Throughout the impact bargaining process, 4C’s leadership created an environment that facilitated ongoing feedback and communication with members. In doing so, I felt reassured that the concerns raised by myself, and my colleagues, were listened to and addressed. I’m extremely grateful to be a member of the 4Cs."

- Bryan Lewis (Capital)

"To me, the reorganization process was stressful but with a sweet twist at the end.  We had information coming from different venues. Uncertainty was always present after constantly hearing rumors about possible work sites, relocations, the fear they were not considering our credentials nor where we live.  Thanks to the union, especially Seth Freeman, he kept me calm and provided me with enough information in ensuring that everything was going to be alright. That helped me relax a bit and I let things flow. I knew many parts of the reorganization were out of my control.  What was next for me to do was sit and wait until these pieces got into place. Over the last two weeks, the process has moved forward, and it seems that the transition toward one CT State Community College is speeding up.  My advice for those going through the same process now is, wait patiently, trust your union delegates, they will protect your rights, they'll make sure a fair process is followed.  In closing, I would like to thank Seth Freeman, Elle Van Dermark, and the other representatives that diligently worked and will continue to work helping other brothers and sisters' members to be treated fairly and just."

- José E. Vélez Otero (Capital)

"The 4Cs has been an integral part of the community college consolidation process.  Their hard work and commitment to fairness and equitable outcomes for all staff during this transition has been incredible and their support cannot be understated."

- Dan Roberts (Northwestern)

"The 4Cs – family you can count on.

Come together right now join the 4Cs.

The Connecticut One College mission statement advocates “equality for all” – but not for its employees.  The 4Cs brought equity to the bargaining table and made it a reality for all their Financial Aid professional members."

- Sandy Vitale (Tunxis)