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Adjunct Survey

January 4, 2023

Our union in partnership with AFT and CSU-AAUP is distributing an **Adjunct Survey** to help us better understand the challenges adjunct members face in our CSCU system and across CT. This survey will provide us necessary information to improve our contract and guide our union in improving working conditions for our adjunct members. The survey will also help inform a policy report to support legislative efforts to enhance equity for adjunct faculty across our state.

This survey is also designed to help us better understand who comprises our Adjunct faculty. For example, are you a part-timer who works a full-time, non-academic job? Are you trying to make a full-time living out of teaching part-time? Are you a retired full-time faculty member that is currently teaching part-time? Our different groups have unique needs and desires for working and teaching in our colleges. We want a better understanding of who are our 4Cs adjunct faculty, so our contract can improve the working conditions for each of you.

Take the survey now!