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Grievance Settled for Rehired Retirees and Those Employed at Second State Position

April 6, 2023

Our Contract last year included two lump sum payments. For many of the bargaining unit, there was some wait to receive the payments, but some of our members are still waiting! However, we can finally report that the wait is nearly over!

Nearly a year after our contract was approved by the General Assembly, union leaders have withdrawn a grievance because the administration must finally pay rehired retirees the lump sums as all other part-time employees. Who is a rehired retiree? Someone that retires and returns to work part-time while collecting their state pension.

Additionally, a grievance was filed on behalf of employees that worked at multiple state agencies. CSCU argued that they did not have to pay the lump sum as the other state agencies had paid the lump sum to these individuals. However, union leaders prevailed on that issue as well.

This was a huge win for our members! Over 250 employees have been waiting a year to receive these payments that they are owed. The average payment is $850 (before taxes) and in total, over $230,000 is owed to members.