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Secretary Election

Election from July 6-July 21 for 4Cs Secretary


Congratulations to Kofi Adomako-Ayisi on winning the election for Secretary, and thank you to runner up Merja Helen Lehtinen for running for office. The 4Cs Election Committee shares the follow report on the results of the election, with the breakdown by campus attached.

Name, Votes, Percentage

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi, 277, 68.40%

Merja Helen Lehtinen, 115, 28.40%

No vote, 13, 3.20%

Thank you to the all the members that took the time to vote in the election.

On behalf of the Election Committee,

Tommi DeMichael (Asnuntuck), Anie Dubosse (Norwalk), Mike Spry (Asnuntuck) & Umesh Vig (Manchester)


The election to refill the 4Cs Secretary position is now open and will remain open until July 21. You must be a 4Cs member to vote. Please note that your membership status is included in the box below (if changes were made in the past month, they may not be reflected in our database yet). You are able to become a member and vote in the election by signing up here (colleges) or here (UHart).

To vote, please:

If you have any problems voting, please reach out to the 4Cs office at ellen@the4cs.org or 860.296.5172.

Thank you for voting!

4Cs Elections Committee: Tommi DeMichael (AS), Anie Dubosse (NK), Mike Spry (AS) and Umesh Vig (MA)

The Candidates

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi (Housatonic)

My work within our union is motivated by a desire to empower (members) through the sharing of knowledge. I believe that members who are empowered will be more apt to contribute to our organizing efforts, and this in turn will increase our union power and enable us to positively impact our working environments and importantly, our students’ learning environments. If elected as the 4Cs Secretary, I will work to further empower our members by “producing a clear and correct recording of Executive Board meetings, Delegate Assembly meetings, and other union meetings”, i.e. democratizing knowledge for the benefit of the 4Cs.

Candidate Biography

Merja Helen Lehtinen (Capital)

I offer you my experience as a former 4Cs VP, Chapter Chair, delegate and career-long educator and investigative research journalist. I chair several statewide and regional Committees bringing familiarity with Robert's Rules, creating new unions, and offering a voice for equity, parity, and fairness for PTs on the Executive Committee and the entire 4Cs.

These are times of change. I will serve with specific, determined, persistent intent to serve the vulnerable and underserved with honesty, commitment, and integrity to assure everyone has equal protection, wages, and opportunity to reach your potential.

Candidate Biography

Election Committee Minutes