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UHart Contract Unanimously Ratified

Wages will rise 9.1% on average over the next 3 years!

Contract Unanimously Ratified!

After intense bargaining over the summer, our negotiating team is pleased to announce overwhelming ratification vote for a three-year collective bargaining agreement. The new contract raises per credit and hourly rates by 9.1% over the next three years, starting this semester. Until the contract is ready to be printed, you can read the agreement here.

We are the largest group of employees at the University of Hartford. Full-time faculty number around 350. Part-time members teach sections that generate approximately 35% of all credits; the university could not survive without us. so its budget should not be balanced on our backs. This contract recognizes the commitment that part-time members have to the University and its students and our place in helping the University prosper and grow.

University salaries, especially for part-timers, have stagnated over the past decade. This was the reason UHart part timers organized in to a union. The new contract also establishes a professional development fund and a course cancellation stipend.

The 4Cs University of Hartford Bargaining Team:
-Alan Francis, UHart Chapter Chair