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Welcome Back

On behalf of our union, I am very happy to welcome you to the 2022-2023 academic year. This is a very momentous year for us, as this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our union. For 50 years our union has advocated and fought for higher education workers in CT!

All year we will have celebrations and recognition of our remarkable accomplishment. Spring 2023 we bring our 50th Anniversary Membership/Organizing Conference. More to come on this!

To celebrate our 50th, our goal is to grow our union stronger than ever before. To achieve our goal, every 4Cs member must be active in our union. Being active in our union means attending chapter meetings, serving on union committees, attending union events, and #PurplingUp (reminder: #PurplingUp is wearing your purple union t-shirt on certain days). Being active means advocating for your fellow worker, advocating for our work, and advocating for our students.

Our union celebrates our 50th anniversary while moving our colleges towards CT State. We know many challenges remain. Many of our professional staff still need to successfully transition into new roles. We need to successfully complete bargaining over our academic organization. We need to continue to push back against ill-conceived BOR plans and ensure our campuses retain some autonomy. We need to ensure real shared governance and faculty control over the curriculum in CT State is established.

This year we will grow stronger by organizing around an important #AdjunctEquity campaign. Through continued disinvestment and mismanagement of our colleges, we have reached the untenable situation where approximately 75% of our faculty workforce is part-time. While some adjunct faculty are part-time by choice, our union knows we have many part-time faculty that are seeking full-time faculty positions which are simply no longer offered because adjunct labor is less costly. This year we say enough is enough. We are going to organize with one another and demand the BOR and State of CT do much better by our members and for our students (listen to my recent talk on the America's Work Force Union podcast).

Most importantly, we have work to do this 50th year to build our organization. There are forces in our state and country working overtime to disempower workers and divide us. They attack unions because we are a check to corporate greed. They attack us because we fight for working people, and we fight for racial, economic and gender justice.

So we know our charge this 50th year. Keep up the work. Support your union brothers and sisters on your campus. Make our union chapters and campuses inclusive and supportive spaces for all of us. Challenge each other, and of course management, to make our college campuses the best they can be for all of us and our students.

Let’s make our 50th year our best year.

On behalf of our union, I wish each and every one of you a great academic year.

Stand with your union, and TOGETHER we will win.

Seth Freeman

4Cs President