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Q. What exactly is a Union?

A. A union is a group of individuals who have joined together in an organization which represents them regarding work and employment issues. The union is all of us. There are many ways to have a voice in our union. Beyond voting for officers and voting on contracts, we serve on contract committees and negotiating committees. We attend chapter meetings, participate in political and legislative campaigns, and more.

Q. What does the union do for me?

A. The 4Cs negotiates contracts, represents you on job grievances and during disciplinary proceedings, works with you on legislative and political actions to advocate for the issues that affect you and your family, provides opportunities for involvement, and much more.

Q: Why should I be a member?

A. You should be a member because only union members have a voice in union affairs and a vote in union decisions. When all of us are members, it makes the union strong and enables us to more forcefully advance our concerns.

Q. How do I become a member of the 4Cs?

A. To become a member you need to fill out a membership form (community colleges).

Q. What is a Contract?

A. A contract spells out all agreements between you and your employer including, but not limited to:

wages, benefits, holidays, sick days/personal time, work schedules, and grievance resolution.

Q. Who decides to accept or reject a contract?

A. All union members vote on whether to ratify a negotiated agreement. As a state employee union, the 4Cs uses an arbitration process to decide any issues that are not resolved through negotiation. Members must accept an arbitrator’s award. 4Cs Contracts, whether reached through negotiations or arbitration, are subject to approval by the state legislature.

Q. Where do I get a copy of our Contract?

A. Management should give you a printed copy of the contract when you are hired. You can also access the Contract from this website. Go to the 4Cs Contract section.