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By actively working to protect our health insurance and cost of living adjustment; pension fund investments; safeguarding Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

By keeping informed of changes in the health plan; positions of candidates; legislation and issues affecting retirees and their families; political events; social activities and chapter meetings.

By including our retiree delegates and alternates to the CSEA Executive Board in the decisions and directions of CSEA.   The Executive Board is made up of representation from the state, municipalities and private sector active employees and retirees.

Providing a convenient 800 number to reach full time staff assigned to coordinate retiree activities with the Council and Union leadership; Connecticut Chapters meet monthly from September through June (16  locations); and our 7 Florida Chapters, South Carolina Chapter and Cape Cod Chapter meet periodically throughout the year; through our website: and e-mail:

With nearly 12,000 members and the affiliation with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), we ensure that our voices will be heard locally, state-wide, and nationally!  In addition, our Council 400 Legislative Action Committee and the ability to get ‘Action Alerts’ through e-mail and at chapter meetings keeps our members informed of important issues facing retirees and working families.

Being together with our colleagues and friends from state, municipal and public sector services and having fun, getting out of the house, being well informed and staying involved!  We have CSEA sponsored trips, picnics, and chapter luncheons in June and December. AND a picnic for all our retiree members and their families in August!

By working to emphasize a VISION for Connecticut’s future, not budget cuts that harm our working families, retirees and those in need of services.

Making sure a “Wisconsin Moment” or other state’s reduction/elimination doesn’t come to Connecticut.

Members and affiliates can join ANY chapter regardless of where you worked or where you live!

Being a Member of the Winning Team!   TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

Council 400 has union and non-union members from management, municipalities, private sector, legislature, state departments, and the public sector!

Spouses are welcome to join as affiliate members.

For more information, contact Kevin Sullivan, Council 400 Retiree Organizer: In CT: (860) 951-6614; Toll Free: (800) 894-9479; or by email at

Join now with a digital card! YOU MUST WRITE "CHAPTER 418 - COMMUNITY COLLEGES" in the optional section about "Chapter Number" or you will not be assigned to the community college retiree chapter.